Remember that old cliché – Expect the Unexpected? From computer crashes to sick days office life is all about the unpredictable. But every once in a while you’ll find something you can count on – something besides the unexpected.
The WorkCentre 4265 and WorkCentre 3615 from Xerox have both received the distinction of being highly recommended by BLI as “highly reliable”. There’s no greater praise than that.
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So what makes these multifunction printers such work horses? In addition to their reputation for reliability, they’re incredibly versatile. The 4265 allows you to scan from anywhere, at any time, at a rate of a whopping 70 impressions per minute. That’s not just reliable; that’s reliable and fast. And speaking of fast, the 3615 is built for speed, printing at a rate of 47 pages per minute. It also offers extra high capacity toner and supplies, which means you’ll spend a lot less time preparing to print, and a lot more time actually printing.
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But when it comes to productivity, it isn’t about what these machines can do, but rather, about what they allow you to do. The reliability and versatility of the WorkCentre multifunction printers make it easier for you to focus on growing your business by giving you back time for the things that really matter. A fast, reliable multifunction printer means increased efficiency and far fewer headaches (not to mention a much happier workplace), while the ability to scan from anywhere allows you to simplify and streamline your processes, improving the way you do business. Less time fooling with toner and supplies means more time completing tasks and less time worrying about them. Last but certainly not least, you’re not losing time to printer repair calls or paper jams, and you can spend that time on your bigger goals and planning for the future.
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No matter how fast, efficient and reliable, an MFP still may not sound life changing – unless you’ve had one that isn’t. Put the WorkCentre 4265 or WorkCentre 3615 in place today and see for yourself the difference that reliability can make. Is it worth it? Count on it.
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